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The Full Story


Take it from a local - you've made it to the right place. These shores of 30A are ones that can't be beat. Here at Jake's Beach Service, we provide you the best experience to match this gorgeous escape.

meet jake

Hi! I'm Jake Williams, and I started this beach service to provide our guests with the best care possible when it comes to your time on 30A. Growing up just down the road on Blue Mountain Beach, these sunny shores are home to me. I hope that by the end of your stay, they feel like home to you as well. I'm full of knowledge about the area, and I'm committed to catering to your needs, so please let me know how I can best accommodate you and your party. 


I value safety for my customers and honest service. Our team is dedicated to giving you 100% satisfaction. We also stay well informed with ocean conditions, so that you stay safe.

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